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Mon-Fri, 9am-4:30pm (Sat & Sun Closed)


241 S 3rd Ave

Ste 1

Bassett, CA 91746

241 S 3rd Ave

Ste 1

Bassett, CA 91746

Mon-Fri, 9am-4:30pm (Sat & Sun Closed)


What are your business hours?

- Our business hours are Monday - Friday 9am - 5pm PST. We are closed during the weekend and National Holidays.

What type of payment do you accept?

- We accept all major credit card companies. If you prefer to pay with PayPal, we also offer PayPal express. 

Why was my credit card declined?

- Our system will automatically decline a credit card charge if the CVV is incorrect or if the billing address does not match the address for the credit card.

Why was my order canceled without being notified? 

- One main reason we will cancel your order without notifying you beforehand would be if our system fraud analysis shows that your information is "High Risk".  Therefore meaning your information is falsified or your information has an history of fraud. 

When will my order ship? 

- All order(s) placed Monday-Friday will be ship within 24 hrs of placing the order unless it is a custom order. All orders placed Friday 3pm will be pushed to the following business day. If your order is placed on a National holiday, it will not be process until the following business day.

What shipping carriers do you use and will I be able to choose?

- The shipping carries we use are USPS, UPS and FedEx. Unfortunately we do not provide the opportunity to choose. Depending on the item size and weight, we will choose a specific carrier that best suits your item.


I chose expedited shipping but my order has not arrived on the given date, is there something you can do?

- We are sorry to hear that you have not received your item on the given expedited shipping date. Please contact your local carrier for more information on your item. Many times delivery driver do not drop off package(s) unattended or if there are no safe location. Therefore may cause a delay on your order. 

Please note that if you chose expedited shipping does not mean expedited processing time. We will process your order as standard but ship your order out using expedited shipping.

If you order an regular item (non custom) with expedited shipping and have not receive your order within the given expedited shipping date, please contact your local carrier.

*Please note that we are unable to control what happens to your order(s) once it has been picked up by our carriers. Therefore we are not responsible for any delays.*

How fast is Expedited Processing?

- Expedited Processing time is 2-3 business days compared to our standard 4-5 business days.


Tracking shows my order has been delivered, but I have not received my item. 

- We are sorry to hear that you have not received your order. It is very uncommon for an order to not be received when marked delivered. However if your order is marked delivered but have yet to receive your order, please check with house hold members, neighbors and contact your local carrier. Many time house hold members would receive the package but forgets to notify you that they have the package. It is common for carriers to mark a package as delivered and hold it at the local office as many time carriers would not leave package(s) unattended. 

Can I cancel my order?

- Yes, you may request to cancel your order, however cancellation is not guaranteed. Please contact us as soon as possible. If your order has been marked as shipped, we will not be able to cancel your order. We are also unable to call your order back once it has been shipped. Once we start on your Custom Order, we will not be able to cancel or make changes.

Can I change my address?

- Yes, you may change your address if your order has not been shipped. Once your order ships, we are unable to change your address. Please contact us as soon as possible after placing an order if you require an address change. 

Where is my order?

- If your tracking information shows that your order has been delivered but have not receive the item, please contact the carrier that shipped your item and please also check with your neighbors. Carriers usually try to deliver as quick as possible and may overlook your address. Many time item(s) would be marked as delivered but in-fact is being held due to varies reasons. 

Do you provide a tracking number?

- Yes, we do provide a tracking number when your order has been shipped. If you did not receive a tracking number, please contact us. Please allow tracking information up to 24 hours to update. 

How long does a custom order take to complete?

- Custom order(s) can take 1-2 days extra. All custom order(s) are cut and sewn by hand, therefore will take an extra day or two to ship.Once we start on your Custom Order, we will not be able to cancel or make changes.

How can I place a custom order or receive a quote? 

- Please send us a message using the "Contact Us' form located above and below our website. Please include the name of the item(s) or web address, color(s), and size(s).

How do I return or exchange my order?

- To return or exchange your order, please contact us. Please note in-order for an exchange to be accepted, the item must be new and is return within the 30 day return period. We are not responsible for any shipping.

*Custom order(s) cannot be return nor exchange.  

Do I have to pay for shipping to return or exchange?

- Yes, you will have to pay for shipping to send the item(s) to us and for us to send you the exchange item. 

Can I return or exchange my Custom Order(s)?

- Unfortunately custom order(s) cannot be return nor exchanged. Please double check your measurements before placing an order. If you have questions regarding your measurements, please let us know.

Can I pick up my order? 

- Yes, you may pick up your order. Please send us a email or let us know in the message box during check-out. Once your order is ready for pick-up, we will contact you.

Are there shipping fee outside of the Continental U.S?  

- Hawaii, Alaska, Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands & Guam maybe require additional shipping fee depending on location and package size. 

Do you have free shipping? 

- Yes, we do ship free to the lower 48 states. 

Do you ship internationally?

- Unfortunately as of now we only ship to Canada. 

Do you offer expedited shipping? 

- Yes, we do offer expedited shipping during checkout.

What is the difference from Privacy Screen & Privacy Panel

- The Privacy Screen is mainly made for patios, decks, balconies, apartments and condos due to the Privacy screen are made lengthwise. Privacy Panel are used mainly for patios, awning, window cover, pergola and gazebo as they are made as a square. Please do note that both privacy screen and panel can be used differently. 

How secure is my personal and credit card information?

- Our website only stores shipping address, email and phone number (if provided) as those information are required to process and ship your order. We never store credit card information or sensitive information. Our website uses SSL which protects and verifies that our site is safe and secure. 

Why is my Privacy screen/panel shorter than the listed measurement? 

- Our Privacy screen and panel are manufactured to fit inside the frame of your fence/railing. For instance, a 6' fence actually uses a 5'10'' screen. Most of our screens and shade fabrics are 1-2 inches shorter than listed. This is industry standard and applies to most patio and fence screens as well as some shade fabric rolls and shade panels. 

Why is my waterproof sun shade sail pooling water/dripping water in the middle? 

- In-order for your waterproof sun shade sail to work efficiently, the waterproof sun shade sail must be installed with a 30-45 degree angle and with enough tension which will create a 99% waterproof surface. If installed correctly, water will not pool and will run off. If you need something to be 100% waterproof, only a tarp will work.

 What is the spacing length between the grommets and why do they not line up? 

- Depending on the type of product, our grommets can vary between 1ft to 2ft or 20in to 24in apart. Only special custom grommet orders will have grommets that line up. If you need grommets at specific lengths or any grommet work, please let us know and we can help you with a special grommet custom order.

 What is hemmed sides and what does it do?

- Hemmed sides are when we fold the edges down 1 inch and sew it together therefore creating 2 layers. After the product has been hemmed, we would add grommets. The hemmed sides will add extra durability when the grommets are in-use.

Which color provide the most visibility blockage? 

- Our Banha Beige, and Beige provide the most blockage. However please note that depending on the time of the day, the visibility blockage can be lower due to the way the light is shining and the way you are viewing through the screen.